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FUDCon Tempe 2011 logo.png

Tempe, Arizona :: January 31 until it stops snowing, 2011 — General event owners: Casey Dahlin, Ron Jeremy, And featuring Ronnie Howard

Event Details

Some people are snowed in and have to stay in Arizona now. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL


Arizona State University - Tempe, AZ


January 31, 2011 until whenever the airports open up again.


You really aren't understanding this are you?

# Name $$$ Veg Size Roomshare? Hotel booked Comments (extra line for badge)
001 Ian Weller L nope foreverrrrr Seriously? Fuck terrariums.


002 Ryan Rix L nope local Bacon and HOT blondes. Heckyeah.
003 Roll Fizzlebeef *bling* Beefy Miracle L yeeees Like a boss HEY! My mother was a terrarium.