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Fedora In the News

In this section, we cover news from the trade press and elsewhere that is re-posted to the Fedora Marketing list[1].

Contributing Writer: Jason Brooks

Fedora Audio Spin: Creating Music With Fedora

Rahul Sundaram posted[1]:

"The Fedora Audio spin will be targeted at both enthusiasts and professionals alike. We are also see the Live CD's for new users who have always wanted to try out Linux Audio but weren't sure where to start. Hopefully the live CD can also serve as a backup portable studio with all the packages you need!"

The full interview is available[2].

Fedora 18 Planning: Name suggestions, system log and ARM support

Rahul Sundaram and Henrik Heigl posted[1]:

"While the Fedora developers are working on the beta of Fedora 17, which is due to be released in two weeks, first plans are already being made for the Fedora 18 distribution which is expected to arrive this autumn – these include name suggestions, a greater significance of the ARM port, and a proposal to switch logging to the journal that is part of Systemd."

The full article is available in English[2] and in German[3].

Additional coverage on Fedora 18 planning, in German[4].

What Follows a Fedora Linux Miracle?

Rahul Sundaram posted[1]:

"The Fedora naming process is like no other. Community members suggest and vote on names, there is no benevolent dictator that chooses these names. The only catch is that the name needs to somehow/somewhat be related to the previous release name."

The full article is available[2].

Fedora on Raspberry Pi

Rahul Sundaram posted[1] a handful of articles about Fedora on Raspberry Pi:

"The operating system, which comes as an SD card image 'includes a little over 640 packages, providing both text-mode and graphical interfaces (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment (LXDE)/ XFCE) with an assortment of programming languages, applications, system tools, and services for both environments. There are over 16,000 software packages available from the Fedora ARM repositories which can be easily installed using the Internet to customize your system to meet your needs and interests (again, using either command-line or graphical tools).'" (ZDnet)

The coverage includes articles from OStatic[2], ZDnet[3], The H[4], and The Inquirer[5].