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Planet Fedora

In this section, we cover the highlights of Planet Fedora[1] - an aggregation of blogs from Fedora contributors worldwide.

Contributing Writer: Adam Batkin


Pavol Rusnak described[1] how scripts using LD_LIBRARY_PATH can be written to work in a more secure way.

Konstantin Ryabitsev explained[2] the many reasons why embedding passwords in PHP scripts is a Bad Idea, and possible alternatives.

Matt Domsch helped[3] get some patches integrated so that Linuxes can use embedded TPM chips to feed the entropy pool (and get better/more secure random numbers).

Kamil Páral created[4] a tool, rpmguard "for checking differences between RPM packages. It is very similar to rpmdiff, but it prints only important changes, not all. Therefore it can be used every time a new package is built to easily see if something hasn’t went completely wrong."

Richard W.M. Jones has been busy at work on libguestfs. There are a few new tools: virt-tar[5] and virt-ls[6] as well as a list[7] of current (and upcoming) virt-* tools. Richard provided some tips too, obtaining[8] the Windows version and service pack number and unpacking[9] a Mac .dmg installer. And lastly, building a supermin appliance using febootstrap: Given a Fedora appliance on a Fedora host, "Let’s strip out all those programs and libraries from the appliance, and we’ll add them back from the host just before we launch it."

Fedora 12 Beta Roundup

Lots of people have downloaded, installed and written up their experiences with the just-released Fedora 12 Beta. Collected here are some of the Fedora Planet blog posts on the topic.

Adam Williamson[1], Sandro Mathys[2], Paul W. Frields[3] and Andrew Vermilya Jamison[4] all installed the Beta and posted their initial thoughts.

Nicu Buceli noted[5] F12's better webcam support and threw[6] a Windows 7 party to celebrate. And if you want your menu icons back, Nicu can tell[7] you how to do that too.

Nicu also reviewed[8] the new GNOME Shell, as did Jeff Ollie[9].

Matt Domsch mentioned[10] that Fedora 12 is now self-hosting. "What does this mean? Simply put, it means that you can use a copy of Fedora 12 to rebuild, from source, all of Fedora 12 again."

Máirín Duffy displayed[11] the work so far in developing a new desktop wallpaper background image.

And finally, some news from off-planet. Ars Technica took a look[12] at the Fedora 12 Beta release.