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Adam Williamson

I work for Red Hat as the Fedora QA Community Monkey. It's my job to drive community involvement in the Fedora QA process. These days I am also quite involved in QA:Tools development, particularly working on Fedora's openQA and several of the other tools. I'm based in Vancouver, BC (PST).

You can always contact me via email - awilliam A T redhat D 0 T com. I am usually on IRC with the nickname adamw, in #fedora, #fedora-qa, and #fedora-devel. You can also find me on XMPP (Jabber) as adamw A T happyassassin D 0 T net and Twitter as AdamW_Fedora. Here's my blog. Please do get in touch if you have ideas, suggestions, or complaints about the Fedora QA process. Or you just want a chat!

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