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Planet Fedora

In this section, we cover the highlights of Planet Fedora - an aggregation of blogs from Fedora contributors worldwide.

Contributing Writer: Adam Batkin


Chris Ball posted[1] a video and brief description of some patches to the Vino VNC server to support the multiple pointers on X over VNC, so there will be no more fighting over the mouse cursor when connecting into another computer.

Mark J. Wielaard wrote[2] about what he does for a living at Red Hat, including a link to a LWN article that he wrote that provides a high-level overview of Systemtap.

John J. McDonough described[3] some of the upcoming changes to the Fedora Docs project, including its leadership.

Matthew Garrett discuessed[4] some of the issues associated with power management under Linux and how "to make it sufficiently useful and inobtrusive that manual configuration is almost never required."

Gary Benson shared[5],[6],[7],[8],[9] a series of articles that he wrote about the internals of Zero and Shark (projects which extend OpenJDK to let it run on new platforms without additional and often cumbersome low-level CPU-specific support).

Martin Sourada developed[10] a set of scripts "which are intended to ease the life of echo-icon artist - they create new icons from template, are able to add icons/symlinks to echo icon theme and add manage their local git repository."

Matthew Daniels mused[11] on the topic of "Social Responsibility" and getting technology out into people's hands everywhere and making all of this social hardware and software accessible.

Jonathan Roberts posted[12],[13] some thoughts about how Gnome 3.0 could handle locating information ("Ubiquitous Search") and saving things automatically.

Richard Hughes created [14] a nice graphical UI front-end to Powertop.

Adam Williamson expressed[15] some frustrations with the fact that the drivers for the Intel GMA 500 (Poulsbo) graphics chip (most notably used in the Dell Mini 12) don't seem to compile cleanly or integrate well with anything, and in fact only work on Ubuntu Netbook Remix.


Ian Weller

Kulbir Saini

Ding-Yi Chen

Steven Moix