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AnacondaNewUI Followup


The purpose of this feature is to describe the high level work items we have for anaconda related to newui in F-19.


Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 19
  • Last updated: 2013 Feb 13
  • Percentage of completion: 30%

Benefit to Fedora

Fine-tuning the installer and fixing frequent or major bugs should result in a smoother, more consistent experience for users.


  1. Add in advanced storage capabilities in to the UI (device filtering, multipath/iscsi/zfcp/fcoe configuration, etc). In the works: Feb 19 -- clumens
  2. Make system-config-kickstart work again. The removal of iw/ from anaconda caused it to break. (#859928) -- Done: Feb 1 -- clumens
  3. Move to some tool that prevents or avoids the GTK+ redraw ugliness (e.g., mutter). (#858684)
  4. Review UX design suggestions from different users and groups and incorporate adjustments that make sense and work well with the overall design. In the works: Feb 19 -- clumens
  5. Improve anaconda's threading. Right now it is difficult to tell what thread a method is executing in and whether or not you can do GTK calls directly. We need either a policy or a technical solution to this.
  6. Allow selecting multiple disks. (#864707)
  7. Allow a faster way of deleting everything on a disk. (#880686) -- Done: Jan 4 -- clumens
  8. Add repo needs to work.
  9. Updates checkbox needs to work. Needs backend code and then made visible in the UI.
  10. Add new firstboot-type questions to the second hub (dependent on the firstboot work, which is another feature).
  11. Expand text mode to offer more or the same installation options as the graphical mode. We don't anticipate the text mode being capable of 100% similarity to the graphical mode, but we want it to be closer than where it is now. As it stands, it is comparable to the former reduced text mode in F-17 and earlier.
  12. Use the blivet storage module in anaconda once that code is broken out in to a separate project (blivet is the name of the anaconda storage library becoming a standalone Python module). -- Done: Jan 14 -- dlehman

How To Test

Testing information is linked in via Anaconda/TestableUI.

User Experience

The graphical UI will keep the same hub and spoke model introduce in F18. We are going to review suggestions and comments from the community and incorporate ideas that make sense and enhance the overall look and feel of the installer. Also, we are looking to work on text mode, hoping to flesh out more of its functionality.


Since new UI will continue to make use of the latest versions of various GUI tools, we are dependent upon those tools and libraries not having any major bugs that impede our progress.

Contingency Plan

Since this is mostly clean-up and polishing the new UI, there should be little risk of changes rendering the installer unusable. Should any changes run the risk of causing major issues, the plan is to hold off on that specific change until the next release.


Release Notes

  • Support for advanced storage (fcoe, iscsi, multipath, etc.), including an advanced filtering UI, will be available.
  • A more functional text mode will be available.

Comments and Discussion