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Support Moblin within Fedora


Add support to Fedora for the Moblin NetBook/NetTop/MID desktop environment.


Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 13
  • Last updated: 20 August 2009
  • Percentage of completion: 75%
  • All core packages for the GUI interface are now in rawhide (20th August). This allows initial testing of the interface with all remaining (currently 11) packages adding functionality.

Detailed Description

The Moblin Architecture is designed to support multiple platforms and usage models ranging from Netbooks and NetTops to Mobile Internet Devices (MID) and various embedded usage models, such as In Vehicle Infotainment systems. The central piece of the architecture is the common layer called "Moblin Core". Moblin Core is built on the GNOME Mobile platform, extending and enriching it with new technologies like Clutter, GUPnP and mojito. The Moblin Core is the core desktop environment that sits of top of Fedora, and above the Moblin Core are the specific user interface and user interaction model for the target device(s).

Benefit to Fedora

The current release of Fedora GUI environments aren't optimised for the small screen environments of NetBook and MID devices. This will allow for a desktop environment that is optimised for these newer small, cheap devices that are becoming popular.


There are a number of stages in the scope for this feature. For Fedora 12 the aim is to have the Core Moblin desktop available for user testing. Features like the Moblin Browser will not be available as they are still under going development and various changes are yet to be pushed upstream (eg xulrunner). The main steps for Fedora 12 are:

  1. Submit all core packages to Fedora for review and build. 31 packages total to date. 20 packages already in Fedora which covers the main Moblin Core. 11 packages still awaiting review completion. The remaining packages are not core packages.
  2. Test the new desktop environment to ensure it works and integrates properly with underlying technologies like NetworkManager, clutter, gupnp, gstreamer etc as well as works with some of the target devices.
  3. Add anaconda install options so it can be installed onto devices
  4. Add some applications to allow basic use of desktop functionality.

Test Plan

  1. Build and test individual packages
  2. Build an test a LiveCD for testing, including test days where appropriate for both hardware and moblin desktop environment support
  3. Work with Fedora QA to ensure that we have sufficient coverage

User Experience

  • Users of the Fedora Moblin Spin would have a much better user experience on their NetBook, NetTop and other small devices.


Contingency Plan

  • Do not support Moblin in Fedora -- no change from F11. The packages will still be available so the features might be present for testing but there's no supported Fedora Moblin Spin for download.


Release Notes

Support for the Moblin desktop environment for NetBook/NetTop/MID devices has been added to Fedora