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IDEA Community Edition in Fedora

IntelliJ IDEA


Add Community IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition packages and their dependencies into repositories. Along with Eclipse and NetBeans already provided by Fedora, IDEA is a popular Java-based development environment.


Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 13
  • Last updated: 2009-11-20
  • Percentage of completion: 33.1337%

What's already done can be found at which should (along with the dependency matrix below) give you more specific idea about the progress.

All reviews related to this feature contain F13FeatureIDEA on Status Whiteboard.

Detailed Description

See Summary and Scope for more details. This is mostly a packaging exercise.

Benefit to Fedora

Fedora users will gain comfortable access to features of Community Edition if IDEA, which include support for Java language, popular version control systems, GUI designer, etc. The overview of features is available in comparison matrix.

Apart from IDEA itself, many of its dependencies are a rather nice addition to the Fedora package collection. This includes Saxon HE, a modern implementation of popular XML-related W3C standards and recommendations, JGraph graphing library and most importantly a complete tooling for scripting in Groovy language.


  • Several new packages have to be added to Fedora
    • Pulled in from JPackage and adjusted to conform with guidelines
    • Newly packaged
  • Some packages need to be updated (or compat packages added) to be compatible with IDEA requirements
    • This is the only change that touches existing stuff
  • IDEA itself has to be packaged
    • The build system adjusted not to use bundled prebuilt code

For details, see Dependencies section.

How To Test

Each of the dependency packages will be QA-ed passing through standard packaging review process. Fair amount of packages contains test suites run in %check phase of the package build process.

Correctness of the dependency chain of the core (conflicts and requires) will be verified in several scenarios

  • Minimal installation (in mock chroot)
  • Desktop live installation
  • Everything installation

Functionality of each of the plugins needs to be verified separately and the test plan is dependent on provided functionality and would vary for each specific plugin.

User Experience

  • Users.jpg
  • Install pkcon install intellij-idea
  • Run idea


Since IDEA itself is a new package, nothing depends on it. Here are idea's requirements [1]:


Package From where Notes Bugzilla Ticket (review, etc.)
intellij-idea Needs to be created In works. SPEC & Patches: [2]
gant Needs to be created ASL 2.0 [3], Groovy for Ant, depends on groovy [4]. Needs review 540708
xmlbeans Pull from JPackage Depends on saxon8 or saxon9. Dead review 227122. Needs review 532709
groovy New package (upstream's RPM package is useless). Done: [5] Dependency chain: everything, compilation. Requires apache-ivy and xstream. Needs review 534168
xstream Pull from JPackage Done: [6] Depends on jettison, cglib. Needs CVS 534135
microba New package Done 532205Green check.png
picocontainer Pull from JPackage Old dead reviews 227093, 252119. Done 537585Green check.png
jgraph New package Done 532203Green check.png
cglib Pull from JPackage Port IDEA to 2.2 API (from 2.1.3): Done. Dead review: 469894. Done 537066Green check.png
apache-ivy New package Done 534021Green check.png
jettison Pull from JPackage Done 508521Green check.png
nanoxml Pull from JPackage Done 532315Green check.png
jna Needs -examples subpackage Done 532208Green check.png
junit4 Needs update to 4.6 Need to check dependencies: Done 532210Green check.png
saxon Update to >= 8 JPackage had saxon8. Fedora package updated 6 -> 9 Done 532664Green check.png

The dead reviews are mostly from past more-or-less unsuccessful bulk JPackage pull attempts. Once core is done, we'll start work on plugins.


This is by no means complete yet; please treat it as such. The package names may be incorrect, package s may be missing and generally all sorts of inaccuracies are likely to be present. Bulky and incomplete writeup: [7].

Package From where Dependent plugin(s) Notes Ticket (review, etc.)
nexus-indexer New package maven GPLv3+ [8], Just the indexer needed: [9]
archetype-common New package maven Maven Archetype Plugin, [10]
mercury New package maven Only mercury-artifact (Alternative artifact transport) is needed [11] Needs review 542341
plexus-lang New package maven/mercury-artifact Needs review 542320
gradle-open-api New package groovy This: [12], this needed as well: [13] ASL 2.0?, Needs review 542222
patricia-trie New package spellchecker ASL 2.0, [14], Needs review 542166
jazzy New package spellchecker LGPLv2+, [15], Needs review 540653
testng New package testng [16], Needs review 542165

Contingency Plan

None necessary. If the work will not be finished early enough, the existing packaging work does not need to be reverted.


The packaging will be well described in comments, this wiki page will be regularly updated with progress and serve as overview of what is done to anyone who would like to contribute.

Release Notes

It may make sense to add something similar to the following to What's New paragraph. Would need adjustments in accordance with features (plugins) that could actually be packaged:

IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition integrated development environment
is available in package collection for this release of Fedora. Most
important features include:

* Intuitive creation of GUIs similar to IDEA's own one
* Integration with Ant and Maven
* Testing with TestNG and JUnit
* Compatibility with Eclipse projects
* Language support for Java, Groovy, XML and Regular Expressions
* Version control with CVS, Subversion and GIT

Comments and Discussion