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Winter Academic Program - 2008

JIIT University, Noida (Delhi-NCR) Venue
Duration: 1st-15th December, 2008


Participation: 150 registrations till now. number can increase/decrease.
Target Audience: JIIT engineering students and Faculty


  • Motivate to use Linux as primary OS
  • Exposure to Open Source world
  • Gaining technical knowledge
  • Real-world Project experience


  • Attitude to learn, experiment and play with new stuff
  • Linux machine(Install fest will be held to accomplish this pre-requisite)
  • Decent Internet connection(Hostellers will be notified about how to use IRC considering the fact that some ports are blocked)

Tentative course content list

  1. History(cover everything), some videos also
  2. Open Source terminology
  3. Importance of Open Source for student/professionals/industry
  4. Linux file system
  5. Shell
  6. vi editor
  7. C Programming using gcc
  8. Python programming
  9. Qt Programming (maybe PyQt)
 10. IRC basics + online communication (soft skills)
 11. SVN or Git(not decided yet)
 12. Wiki
 13. Software packaging (if possible)

Tentative course of action(mode of delivery)

  • 1-2 lecture accompanied by videos to get the audience excited
  • Workshops by fellow open source contributors(friends)
  • Lab assignments/exercises
  • Online sessions(by industry developers/professionals)-- some sincere help required in this regard
  • Guest sessions(online) from various Open Source communities

Note: Online sessions will be on IRC at #jiit-lug on Freenode

Help Required

  • Fedora 10 CD/DVD
  • Volunteers/Developers who can take up some of the above mentioned sessions
  • Some marketing so that Open Source communities can come and "recruit"(not in true sense) potential participants for the projects.
  • Some swag to give away to the participants (to add the excitement)

Organizer/Contact Person



  • Registrations done. Exact number 150(expected to fall down a little).
  • Finalizing the topics for sessions.
  • Contacting developers who can volunteer for Online sessions.