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Hi, I am Prakhar Agarwal, 20 year old under-graduate student in Jaypee Institute of Information Technology University, Noida, India. I have developed a great predilection for Linux for a long time. I first used Fedora Core 6 with KDE environment in my university labs. And since then, Linux(especially Fedora) has become one of my most essential computing requirements. I'm a member of Indian Linux User Group-Delhi and a strong promoter of Open Source Software. I can be found at events like BarCamps, OSSCamps, Linux Workshops etc.. Recently, Ubuntu 8.04 was released. I tried it and was disappointed as nothing worked for me. But Fedora 9 has completely swept me off my feet. Its incredible and awesome. Thanks for providing such a great OS. I have been a regular visitor of to catch up on latest features/projects and download latest versions. All in all, Fedora rocks as an OS as well as a community. Now that I'm a part of Fedora Ambassador Group, I hereby extend my sincere thanks to everyone and hope to take Fedora to greater heights. Shoot your doubts or queries. I will be more than happy to help anyone and everyone. Cheers!

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