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Fedora Testing

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This page has been marked as "old", and likely contains content that is irrelevant or incorrect. If you can, please update this page. This page will be deleted if action is not taken.

Our Mission

To use and make free and open source software tests, testing tools, and test processes in order to make Fedora (and, by extension, all free and open source software) more awesome.

About the Project


Current Subprojects

  1. Test Plans for Fedora components
    • QA/ReleaseCriteria is used as a base for creating release test plans.
    • QA/FC6TreeTesting is the most recently-used release test plan.
    • Fedora Unity has a test plan for their respin release
    • QA/HowToTestTemplate is a test plan template for an individual package.
    • Write a Xen test plan
    • Identify "tiers" of functionality - Tier1 = most important (system boots, etc.)
    • Write more detailed test plans for important apps (Firefox, Evolution, etc.)
    • Include documentation on how to test, like AnacondaHowToTest
    • Put together a central tracker for test plans and testing progress
  2. Executing test plans
    • Volunteers! We'll need volunteers!
    • We may run Bug Days where everyone takes a test plan and runs with it.
  3. BugZappers
    • Revive Bug Days!
    • Make Bugzilla send out weekly reports of new bugs, bugs closed, etc. to fedora-triage-list
    • BugZappers leaders can split up the weekly list, or choose a category of bugs to focus on
  4. Bug Hunts
    • Like QA/FixBuildRequires - an ongoing project with a single focus.
    • Karma system - submitting or fixing a bug gets you karma points, which gets you Cool Stuff.
  5. "Hot Issues" page - see Bugs/FC6Common
    • A listing of current Fedora issues with workarounds and ETA on fixes.
    • Linked to from the builtin FAQ page?
  6. Bugzilla RPG!

Possible Future Projects

  1. Beaker, an automated test system
  2. Extending automated testing
    • Try to automate test plans that we write, to reduce load on testers.
  3. A bug-submittal app
    • Provides a nice, easy interface to Bugzilla
    • Finds common issues (like from HotIssues above) and shows them to the user, to reduce dupes
    • Use for crash reporting - automatically fills in component
  4. Performance testing
    • Run benchmarks
    • Gather profiling data
    • Gather information about how people typically use the software
    • Report findings to developers

Other Stuff We Need (Join the Project)

  • Testing volunteers
  • Further ideas for testing/QA projects
  • Volunteers to run subprojects
  • Roadmaps for other subprojects
  • More volunteers!

Please email WillWoods (or find him on IRC) if you are interested in making Fedora a better place!