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FC6 Pre-Release Test Coordination

This page is going to be used to help coordinate testing of pre-FC6 trees in an effort to be more clear about where things stand.

Current Testing Tree

The most current tree available for external testing is rawhide-20061012. Internal tree is /mnt/redhat/rel-eng/FC6-re20061012.0/6/

Bugs found

The following bugs have been found. Please include a link to the bug in bugzilla. The ReleaseEngineering team will make the call as to whether bugs are a test release blocker or not.

Current testing needs

The following is a list of things which need to be tested to help ensure a valid tree.

Install Type Install Arch Install Details Install Notes
Upgrade Any Test upgrade, ensure necessary things blacklisted (yum list extras) Default OK (ppc, x86_64), Everything OK (i386)
Upgrade Any Test multi-repo upgrade x86_64 with Extras upgraded OK
Install Any Test multi-repo installs x86_64 with Extras passed (jwilson), ppc, i386
Text mode FTP/HTTP Any Ensure text mode with minstg2 sane x86_64, i386, ppc passed
SELinux check All Need to ensure that fresh installs of all arches come up without any SELinux AVC errors i386, x86_64, ppc
VNC Any Make sure vnc installs work with connect parameters, password param, or none at all no params OK (x86_64), vncconnect OK (ppc), vncpassword OK
CD All Make sure that default is only 2 cds, or default minus Office stuff i386 passed
Any All Make sure default install doesn't include -devel packages x86_64 (jwilson), i386, ppc
CD All Media Check Passes i386
DVD All Media Check Passes i386, x86_64, ppc
USB Any Test installation onto removable media. i386, x86_64

Test Matrix

Install Source Install Type Arches Completed Install Notes
CDs Full i386
CDs Default i386, x86_64
CDs Minimal i386 ppc pulls in redhat-lsb, needs disk #4
DVD Full i386, x86_64 firstboot fails when using xen kernel
DVD Default i386, x86_64, ppc
DVD Minimal x86_64, ppc, i386
NFS Default x86_64, ppc, i386
NFS ISO Default i386, x86_64
HTTP Default i386, x86_64, ppc
FTP Default i386, x86_64, ppc
Harddrive Default x86_64
Any Random Package Selection x86_64, ppc, i386 x86_64 tested by jwilson
Any Xen install x86_64, i386
Any ipv6 install i386,x86_64 HTTP works, but no ipv6 hostname lookup is peformed.BR No FTP (bug #209645 )
Any dmraid install x86_64
Any dmraid rescue x86_64
Any mdraid rescue x86_64
Any normal rescue x86_64, i386, ppc