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{{admon/warning | This is a DRAFT for feedback. Do not rely on any information here.}}
Refer to
Beta is not released yet.
Quick notes:
* Hybrid ISO - earlier revision in Alpha release notes history. Confirm that it works well before adding it here
* Status of in Fedora? How well does it work?
* Moblin - Explain in detail with potentially a screencast
* GNOME Shell - Ogg Screencast possibly with voice over
* Yum Presto - In GNOME and KDE groups. What about delta rpm generation?
* - Eclipse and Adobe Reader needs a workaround
* Abrt - whats the status?
* Anaconda MDRaid  - Explain in detail
* Lower Process Capabilities
* - explain the details
* Contact KDE SIG and gather important changes. Phonon has changed to gstreamer backend in Alpha release and was not mentioned. So call it out in the Beta release.
Additional sources:
* Look at F11 Preview release notes and use it as a template
* Read rawhide reports in between alpha and beta release for new packages as well as import changes worth noting here
* Quickly skimp through all threads in fedora-devel and fedora-test list for note worthy changes
* Read Planet Fedora and reference developer blogs when important changes are mentioned
* Consult with QA team and make sure note worth issues are mentioned. If anything needs explicit testing, highlight it
* More details at Read the release notes section of each of the approved feature
Unsure status:
Dennis Gilmore mentioned that one of the secondary architectures might have a beta release. Followup on that
Last step:
Once you have a good draft, send it over to the fedora-devel and fedora-test list for feedback. Do it once before a week and once again two days before beta release.

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