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This page is for keeping track of press regarding the Fedora 19 release. Please contribute!

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Date Article Location Author Language Notes
date here article URL name of publication or site author language notes or comments
2013-07-03 Red Hat releases Fedora 19 with 3D printing support The inquirer Lawrence Latif English Some corrections may be needed
2013-07-05 Fedora back on track with Schrödinger's cat The register Scott Gilbertson English
2013-07-03 Fedora 19 released LWN English
2013-07-03 Fedora 19 - "Schrödinger's Cat" - is most certainly alive The H Dj Walker-Morgan English
2013-07-03 Installing Fedora 19: What's new? ZDNet J.A.Watson English
2013-07-02 Fedora 19 aka Schrodinger's Cat released Muktware Swapnil Bhartiya English
2013-07-02 Fedora 19, Schrödinger's Cat, lives ZDNet Steven J Vaughan-Nichols English
2013-07-02 Fedora 19 released Slashdot English
2013-07-02 Fedora 19 Schrodinger's Cat released with 3D printing, Developer's Assistant, paradoxes Engadget John Fingas English
2013-07-02 Fedora 19 released Parity News Ravi Mandalia English
2013-07-02 Announcing the release of Fedora 19 LXer English
2013-07-02 Fedora 19 "Schrodinger's Cat" operating system now available Liliputing Brad Linder English
date here article URL name of publication or site author language notes or comments

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