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These are the Talking Points for the Fedora 31 release. For information on how these talking points were chosen, see Talking Points SOP. They are intended to help Ambassadors quickly present an overview of highlighted features when talking about the release, and to help drive content for the release, etc.

The talking points are based in part on the Change Set for this release.

Overall Release Story

Fedora 31 Beta was released on 2019-04-02. Final release was released on 2019-05-07. Releases/31/Schedule

Fedora-Wide Changes and Improvements


Changes to talk about for regular users

Changes affecting security

Changes to talk about for developers

Fedora Silverblue

Fedora Server

Linux System Roles

Fedora Workstation

GNOME 3.32

Fedora ARM (aarch64 and ARMv7)

Fedora IoT


KDE Plasma Desktop






Upgrading to the Latest Release

To learn how to upgrade to the latest release from a recent Fedora release using DNF, see here.