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(fedora-packager in updates-testing contains a broken dep :-/)
(the problem with fedora-packager is fixed now, wikify the installation command)
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== Installation ==
== Installation ==
You need version 0.4.0 or greater of ''fedora-packager'' to use this script. As of 2010-03-09 the fedora-pacakger package in updates-testing contains a broken dependency and updates does not contain a version, that is new enough.
You need version 0.4.0 or greater of ''fedora-packager'' to use this script. You can install fedora-easy-karma using: {{command|su -c yum --enablerepo<nowiki>=</nowiki>updates-testing install fedora-easy-karma}}
Once this is fixed, you can install fedora-easy-karma using:
yum --enablerepo=updates-testing install fedora-easy-karma
== Example Output ==
== Example Output ==

Revision as of 21:33, 11 March 2010

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fedora-easy-karma allows you to easily portion out karma points for testing updates that you have currently installed. The typical workflow is as follows:

  1. install packages from updates-testing: yum --enablerepo=updates-testing update
  2. Use these packages to identify breakage or directly run fedora-easy-karma and test packages according to the update notes
  3. Run fedora-easy-karma


You need version 0.4.0 or greater of fedora-packager to use this script. You can install fedora-easy-karma using: su -c yum --enablerepo=updates-testing install fedora-easy-karma

Example Output

$ fedora-easy-karma --help
Usage: fedora-easy-karma [options] [pattern, ..]

You will be asked for every package installed from updates-testing to provide
feedback using karma points. If pattern are provided, you will be only prompted
for updates related to packages or builds that match any of the patterns.
Possible wildcards are *, ?, [seq] and [!seq] as explained at
After you have selected the karma points, you will be asked for a comment. An
empty comments skips the package

Possible karma points are:
-1 : Update breaks something or does not fix a bug it is supposed to
 0 : The update has not been tested much or at all
 1 : The update seems not to break anything new
All other inputs will skip the update
You can use <CTRL>-<D> on an empty prompt to exit
If you use a default comment, '<CTRL>-<X> <backspace>' can be used to delete the
default comment to easily enter a custom one.

The source can be found at;a=summary
Please send bug reports and feature requests to
'Till Maas <>'
For patches please use 'git send-mail'.

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
                        Do not skip update if comment is empty
  --bodhi-cached        Use cached bodhi query
                        Directory to store bodhi cache, default: ~/.fedora-
  --bodhi-update-cache  Update bodhi query cache
  --debug               Enable debug output
                        Default comment to use, default:
                        Default karma to use, default:
                        FAS username
  --include-commented   Also ask for more comments on updates that already got
                        a comment from you, this is enabled if patterns are
                        Only check packages installed within the last XX days,
                        default: 28
                        Only check packages installed for at least XX days,
                        default: 0
  --product=PRODUCT     product to query Bodhi for, 'F' for Fedora, 'EL-' for
                        EPEL, default: F
                        releasever to query Bodhi for, default: releasever
                        from yum
  --retries=RETRIES     Number if retries when submitting a comment in case of
                        an error, default: 3
  --wrap-bugs           Apply line-wrapping to bugs
  --wrap-rpms           Apply line-wrapping to list of installed rpms
                        Width to use for line wrapping of updates, default: 80
$ fedora-easy-karma
     git-cola-, python-jsonpickle-0.3.1-1.fc12
  Update ID: FEDORA-2010-1627
    Release: Fedora 12
     Status: testing
       Type: bugfix
      Karma: 0
       Bugs: - Desktop file for git-cola should be more specific than "Cola"
           : - git-cola ships a copy of jsonpickle
           : - Review Request: python-jsonpickle - A module that allows any object to be serialized into JSON
      Notes:  * git-cola no longer ships copies of python-jsonpickle and python-
           : simplejson
           :  * "Classic" GUI option (similar to gitk)
           :  * Fixed keyboard shotcuts (all use modifiers)
           :  * Vim keybindings to the treeview
           :  * Better renaming handling
           :  * Check for upstream changes
           :  * Can clone a repository from the gui
           :  * Support for more git commands
  Submitter: mathstuf
  Submitted: 2010-02-06 21:30:22
   Comments: mathstuf - 2010-02-06 21:30:48 (karma 0)
             This update has been submitted for testing
             bodhi - 2010-02-09 04:59:01 (karma 0)
             This update has been pushed to testing

 inst. RPMS: git-cola-
           : python-jsonpickle-0.3.1-1.fc12.noarch
Comment? -1/0/1 ->karma, other -> skip> 1
Comment> git-cola works without obvious breakage for some read only operations
FAS Password for till:


Currently the source is available at a Fedorapeople git repository