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Fedora Insight (FI) is a website that serves as a place to publish and share news, articles related to Fedora and Fedora marketing materials in various formats. It makes it easy for users, developers, and journalists - people who aren't yet a part of the Fedora contributor community - to keep up with the goings on of the community without following a dozen different blogs and mailing lists.

This wiki page is for people interested in working on and contributing to Fedora Insight itself; the site is a project that requires collaboration between many teams (FWN, Marketing, Websites, Design, Infrastructure, etc.), so this is our central landing spot.

Meeting agenda: 2010-04-22

Meeting day and time
Meetings are held weekly at IRC Freenode #fedora-mktg on Thursdays at 2pm US Eastern time.

Project status


The canonical collaboration points for Fedora Insight are this wiki page and the mailing list. A good motto to keep in mind:"If it wasn't announced to the logistics mailing list, it didn't happen."

For the most up-to-date status of the project, ask on the logistics mailing list (read the archives to see if your question has been recently answered first) or in the #fedora-mktg ( IRC channel.


There is no live production instance yet. (We are working on the first release - come join us!)


This instance is set up by the Infrastructure team according to the instructions at How to set up a Zikula sandbox. Login/authentication is hooked to your normal FAS account.


This instance is available to experiment with, and is accessible by anyone with access to the sysadmin-test FAS group. Login/authentication is hooked to the test FAS instance.

Do not use your regular Fedora account (FAS) credentials.
Make a test account in the test FAS instance.

How to use:

  1. Make a test account on the public-test instance of FAS at .
  2. Log in to using your FAS test account.
  3. Play!


Our next milestone is to migrate the Fedora Weekly News workflow and publication to Fedora Insight before Alpha Public Availability (March 2, 2010).

The milestone after that is to get all pre-beta F13 Marketing deliverables published on Fedora Insight before Beta Release Public Availability (April 6, 2010).

Milestones beyond this are discussed on the talk page.

How to help

  1. Look at the list of #Teams involved and pick the one(s) you're most closely matching your interests and skillset.
  2. Follow the instructions in the section for your team(s) on finding open tasks to work on and setting up your environment for contributing to Fedora Insight.
  3. Join the logistics mailing list and introduce yourself. Let us know:
    1. Your name
    2. The kind of skills/experiences/interests you have (even if you're active within another Fedora team, there may be people from other teams within Fedora who haven't had the chance to meet you yet, so let them know who you are and that you're around!)
    3. The first task or ticket you'll be working on, if you know what you'll be helping with already - or a request for help finding a first task, if you'd like some guidance on where to start.
  4. (optional) Check out any other #Communications channels that you might be interested in.

Teams involved


The Fedora Weekly News (FWN) team serves as the first users and testers of Fedora Insight as a content distribution mechanism.

FWN on Fedora Insight aggregated beats (requires FAS test authentication):

Fedora Insight main page showing FWN issues:

FWN-related Fedora Insight tickets: (new; 3/25/10)


Fedora Insight is based on zikula, an open source php-based content management system (CMS). We are working with the upstream zikula community to make sure we deploy their software "The Right Way," and that the work we do benefits upstream as much as possible.

The zikula community seems to do most of their support on the zikula community forums. (We need help learning how to be good ambassadors to upstream!)

If you're from the zikula community, or interested in being a Fedora ambassador to zikula, start by following the #How to help instructions for introducing yourself to the logistics mailing list, and mention that you'd like to help with the zikula community end of things.


The Design team is responsible for making our site theme. You can see the work that needs to be done at the list of FI tickets in the Design trac instance.

In order to help with the theme, you'll have to first set up a local copy of zikula on your computer.

Once you have a local copy of zikula set up, you'll need to check out the current theme files. The repo is located at git://

You can checkout the theme anonymously using

git clone git://

Alternatively, people who are a part of the (FAS) group gitfedora-insight-theme can check out using

git clone ssh://

Once you have checked out the files for the theme, install the theme as follows:

  1. Copy the "fedora" folder within the checkout you just downloaded into the zikula/theme folder in your local zikula sandbox install (/usr/share/zikula/theme or /var/www/zikula/theme are common locations).
  2. Log into your local zikula sandbox instance as an administrator.
  3. Go to Administration > Layout > Theme, then click the green checkmark next to the name of the theme you want (fedora).

FIXME -- need instructions on how to contribute patches to the theme back to the git repo, and whether the trac ticket should be updated (answer: yes), and whether the logistics list should be notified (answer: yes).


The Infrastructure team is helping us get Fedora Insight up on production (and keep it running there).

The master ticket is at Infrastructure Trac #1615, but if you're looking to help out, it's best to see our the Trac query.


The Marketing team will be publishing its release deliverables on Fedora Insight, and will be the second users of the platform after #FWN.

We're currently figuring out additional content (other than our release deliverables) that would go into the #Content_workflow. Our current thinking is several ideas that have been filed as multiple tickets in the Marketing trac instance.

If you want to help with the Marketing side of things, do the following:

  1. Join the Marketing team (if you aren't already a member).
  2. Email the marketing list saying you're interested in helping with Fedora Insight.
  3. Do this in addition to following the instructions in the #How to help section of this page.


We could always use packaging help for zikula and related modules. Here are the things we currently need work on:

Content workflow

This is the current content workflow envisioned for the first version of Fedora Insight.

 +-------------------------+    +-----+ +-------+ +-------------+ +-----------+
 |Things that automatically|    |Press| |The Web| |Fedora Planet| |Original FI|
 |get sent to the moderator|    +-----+ +-------+ +-------------+ |content    |
 |queue for annotation     |        |       |           |         +-----------+
 +-------------------------+        |       |           |               |
 | * Board meeting minutes |        +-------+-----+-----+---------------+
 | * FESCo meeting minutes |                            |
 | * FAmSCo meeting minutes|                            |
 | * etc.                  |                            |
 +-------------------------+              +----------------------------+
             |                            | Discovered by interested   |
             |                     +----->| person, or submitted by    |   
             |                     |      | original author into...    |   
             |          resent to  |      +----------------------------+   
             |          submitter  |                    |                            
             |          with rationale                  |                             
             |                     |          +------------------+                        
             +---------------------+--------->| Moderator  Queue |         
                                   |          +------------------+         
                                   |          | Selects content  |         
                                  <NO>--------| and annotates    |          
                                              | selected content |
 +-------------------------+                  +------------------+
 |Things that automatically|                           |
 |get published (no mod)   |----+                    <YES>      
 +-------------------------+    |                      |             
 | * Fedora Weekly News    |    |       +----------------------------+
 | * Fedora-announce-list  |    +------>| Published in Fedora Insight|
 | * etc.                  |            +----------------------------+
 +-------------------------+                           |           


For a history of the project and some of the rationale behind it, see Fedora Insight history.


Fedora Insight Workflow