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During the MoinMoin => MediaWiki migration, these pages track all the various to-do items that individuals, groups, wiki gardeners, and other folks need to worry about.

For individuals, the lists here are useful for helping you to finish the migration and clean-up of your personal and subproject pages.

Watch this page
Put this page on your watchlist to keep up on new tasks and tips. Especially during the first week after the migration this page is going to get updates of should-do/must-do items.
Use the appropriate to-do list on this page
There are different lists on this page depending on what the work is. You may need more than one of them for reference.

Migration masters to-do list

Subproject and SIG teams to-do list

This is a master to-do list for subprojects and SIGs working pages. Individual bug/tasks for migration masters should go in #Migration_masters_to-do_list.

  • Check the individual subproject or SIG join page
  • Fix the subproject/SIG main page
  • Fix headers. Refer to Template:Header.
  • HTML is no longer supported. Attach IRC logs and refer to them with links, remove other HTML uses.
    • Why? It is now and has always been a security concern, Fedora Infrastructure is closing the hole with the migration.
Patch to irclog2html
See Ian's patch to irclog2html for MediaWiki pipe-table output.
  • If you need to get any old content from Moin Moin, use the URL with 'wikiold' and obtain the raw markup from the drop-down menu in the navigation sidebar.
  • Images and attachments are handled differently, and you may need to fix some. Follow the directions in #Images_and_Attachments.
  • Check the bottoms of your pages for categories. Are the links red? Click them and add a description of that category.
  • If you come across a MoinEditorBackup page, and it is empty, go ahead and delete it (if you can).
  • If you come across a page that begins with 'Category' and doesn't have a colon after Category, take that description and move it to the appropriate Category: page, then replace the old page with a #REDIRECT.
    • For example: CategoryEPEL -> Category:EPEL
      1. Edit CategoryEPEL and copy relevant information out of it
      2. Edit Category:EPEL and paste said relevant information
      3. Replace the content in CategoryEPEL with #REDIRECT [[Category:EPEL]]

Images and Attachments

  • Attachments in mediawiki are all stored in one location. They have been migrated. As an example, if the old attachment was at "./Marketing/Flyer/ attachment:fc6_front.png", the new location for it is Image:Marketing_Flyer_fc6_front.png.
  • Browse all attachments and images at Special:Imagelist
  • You cannot attach HTML files to pages.
    • For some HTML that people put on pages, such as IRC meeting logs, paste the HTML directly in to the MediaWiki edit window. The HTML is not munged and MediaWiki reading of the format from irclog2html.p* is fairly good.
    • More ideas are being considered, especially around IRC logs from meetings. Watch the Fedora Infrastructure and Fedora Websites lists for more discussion and where to help.
Patch to irclog2html
See Ian's patch to irclog2html for MediaWiki pipe-table output.

Individual folks to-do list

This section tells you, the individual contributor, what you need to do in the days following the wiki migration.

  1. Log in. Log in is currently done with your FAS account; you must have accepted the CLA (be in 'cla_done') to edit. OpenID is considered beta until announced otherwise
  2. Move your WikiName-style page (for example, IanWeller) to User:Fasname (i.e., User:Ianweller). Have no fear, MediaWiki makes a redirect for you automatically. Also, MediaWiki automatically converts the first letter of your page to a capital letter (so ianweller will become Ianweller).
    • Use the move tab at the top of the page
  3. If you like to receive email updates of pages you are watching, enable this in your preferences page.
  4. The MailTo macro in Moin is not being migrated. Please manually obfuscate e-mail addresses if that is desired. Links are in the form:
  5. Create and manage your watchlist. Refer to #Watchlist_tips for more help.
  6. Missing a picture? Look for it in the image list and reassociate it with the page.
  7. Page doesn't render right? See formatting help
  8. Last step is to move on to look at the project pages you contribute to/use. Use this #Subproject teams to-do list.

Watchlist tips

See Watchlist How-To.

Contact and discussion

Join #fedora-websites to discuss the wiki migration process and what's coming up next.