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The Fedora Project is happy to work with the press by providing information, answering questions, accepting feedback, reviewing materials, and taking care of other requests from members of the press. We also encourage members of the press to get involved. Here, we provide some basic information to help members of the press get what they need.

Press contact
If you are a journalist or reporter, feel free to contact the Fedora press team at

Press Kit

These are reduced press kits for journalists to preview our releases, they are intended to be distributed with a LiveUSB or LiveCD.

When sending a Live USB key with a press review sheet, send the 32-bit version, since it works on all 64-bit systems as well. In 2011, we should revisit this procedure since 64-bit machines are becoming much more common. --pfrields

There are also instructions for updating USB press review sheets.

Speaking about The Fedora Project

Are you arranging a convention or public speaking event? Are you a journalist that has questions about The Fedora Project? Contact the Fedora Ambassadors to find a local speaker and to arrange for Fedora to have a presence at your event.

Interested in Fedora's electronic hardware design platform, Fedora Electronic Lab? Read its talking points and press releases.

Our Press Contacts

Are you with a print, online, or broadcast journalism outlet? Email us at so we can add your name to our list of contacts and keep in touch with you about important news. This helps us to keep your magazine or site on our list of publications.

Press Archives

Press Releases and archive - Official Press Releases from Fedora Project and press Coverages from Third Party

What's New

For a quick overview of the latest Fedora-related news, check out Fedora Weekly News.

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

We already provide easy answers for questions frequently asked by many journalists and marketing professionals: