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Fedoraproject - The Band

Or Feds on Frets

Here is a place for all kinds of musicians to come together.


Please ad your info here

who (FAS, Name) Instrument Singer Songwriter area of interrest comment
Henrik Heigl e-guitar (Studio experience, Live experience) - - would play lead or rythem guitar hopefully we can produce some titles for podcasts, radio, etc.
María "tatica" Leandro Guitar Sometimes A couple Anything related to music... but Frets On Fire is about guitars... so guitar Check this videos:
Hiemanshu Sharma Guitars, Drums Yes Over 25 so far Still learning drumming can help with that, and yes a little Guitaring too
Mel Chua Keyboard (good), cello (okay), guitar (learning) I refuse to sing. You really don't want to hear it. Can transcribe and arrange songs, and write lyrics, but not compose original music. One little-known talent: I can take nearly any song and turn it into an a capella arrangement in a few hours. I don't have particularly good microphones or recording equipment, I'll warn you.
Joe "ascenseur" O'Dell Cornet & Trumpet (okay-ish), Drums (v. basic) Can't sing for the love of it Nope, sorry. Recording & Editing is more my thing I haven't played the cornet for ~2 years, and I'm terribly basic with drums. I don't mind helping in whatever way I can though :)
Matt McKenzie French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone Not really ... I can arrange and transcribe (sorta) Jazz & Blues, classical, showtunes, "oldies" rock My wife and I are both in a local community concert band, and we were both in marching band. I also don't currently have very good recording equipment at the moment.


Please add here if you know any kind of tool wich can help to excercise together over the Internet.

Repertoire / Titles

Please have in mind that there are a various amount of people with different taste of music all over the world...

  • Blues ?
  • Rock ?
  • Pop ?
  • electro ?
  • Hip Hop ?
  • Soft ?
  • Techno ?

other ideas

Maybe we can produce some kind of Fedora theme song each Release or also for Podcasts and vidcasts produce some background music, etc.

--wonderer 03:53, 21 March 2010 (UTC)

Podcasts seem like a good idea - perhaps we should create a "jingle" for each season and dsistribute them amoung local groups? (i.e. Fedora US, Fedora UK etc. etc.) Ascenseur--13:23, 21 March 2010 (UTC)~~