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Fedoraproject - The Band

Or Feds on Frets

Here is a place for all kinds of musicians to come together.


Please ad your info here

who (FAS, Name) Instrument Singer Songwriter area of interrest comment
Henrik Heigl e-guitar (Studio experience, Live experience) - - would play lead or rythem guitar hopefully we can produce some titles for podcasts, radio, etc.
María "tatica" Leandro Guitar Sometimes A couple Anything related to music... but Frets On Fire is about guitars... so guitar Check this videos:
Hiemanshu Sharma Guitars, Drums Yes Over 25 so far Still learning drumming can help with that, and yes a little Guitaring too
Mel Chua Keyboard (good), cello (okay), guitar (learning) I refuse to sing. You really don't want to hear it. Can transcribe and arrange songs, and write lyrics, but not compose original music. One little-known talent: I can take nearly any song and turn it into an a capella arrangement in a few hours. I don't have particularly good microphones or recording equipment, I'll warn you.
Joe "ascenseur" O'Dell None Can't sing for the love of it Nope, sorry. Recording & Editing is more my thing I no longer have access to instruments, and my musical ability is waning fast. Happy to help with the editing & publishing side.
Matt McKenzie French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone Not really ... I can arrange and transcribe (sorta) Jazz & Blues, classical, showtunes, "oldies" rock My wife and I are both in a local community concert band, and we were both in marching band. I also don't currently have very good recording equipment at the moment.
Renich Bon Ciric Guitar, Keys, Sampler & Vocals I love to sing in english and spanish I have wrote a lot of songs [1][2][3] I could sing, write and play. I love creative commons. I am very experienced with recording and live sound. I, currently, work as a producer.


Please add here if you know any kind of tool wich can help to excercise together over the Internet.

Repertoire / Titles

Please have in mind that there are a various amount of people with different taste of music all over the world...

  • Blues ?
  • Rock ?
  • Pop ?
  • electro ?
  • Hip Hop ?
  • Soft ?
  • Techno ?

other ideas

Maybe we can produce some kind of Fedora theme song each Release or also for Podcasts and vidcasts produce some background music, etc.

Can everyone send me a photo of themselves using your instruments to make a band-collage? (try to send this photo of full body and with a good light)

--wonderer 03:53, 21 March 2010 (UTC)

Podcasts seem like a good idea - perhaps we should create a "jingle" for each season and dsistribute them amoung local groups? (i.e. Fedora US, Fedora UK etc. etc.) Ascenseur--13:23, 21 March 2010 (UTC)~~