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This page is for defining the SOP for Fedora FreeMedia Program. This will cover the infrastructural things as well as procedural things.

Location of Resources

Location on Puppet

$PWD = puppet/modules/freemedia/files

  • Freemedia form: FreeMedia-form.html
  • Backup form: FreeMedia-form.html.orig
  • Closed form: FreeMedia-close.html
  • Backend processing script: process.php
  • Error Document : FreeMedia-error.html

Opening of the form

The form will be opened on the First day of each month.

Closing of the Form

Tentative timeline

The form will be closed after a couple of days. This may vary according to the capacity.

How to

  • The form is available at /puppet/modules/freemedia/files/FreeMedia-form.html and puppet/configs/web/applications/FreeMedia-form.html.orig
  • The closed form is at /puppet/modules/freemedia/files/FreeMedia-close.html


    • Goto /puppet/modules/freemedia/manifests/
    • Open init.pp
    • Goto line 25.
    • To Open: Change the line to read << source => "puppet:///freemedia/FreeMedia-form.html", >> ((without << >>))
    • After opening the form, go to trac and grant "Ticket Create and Ticket View" privilege to "Anonymous".


    • Goto /puppet/modules/freemedia/manifests/
    • Open init.pp
    • Goto line 25.
    • To Close: Change the line to read << source => "puppet:///freemedia/FreeMedia-close.html", >> (without << >>)
    • After closing the form, go to trac and remove "Ticket Create and Ticket View" privilege from "Anonymous".
  • Have to check about monthly cron.
  • Have to write about changing init.pp for closing and opening

Handling of tickets


Rejecting Invalid Tickets

  • If a ticket is invalid, don't accept the request. Go to "resolve as:" and select "invalid" and then press "Submit Changes".
  • A ticket is Invalid if
    • No Valid email-id is provided.
    • The region does not match the country.
    • No Proper Address is given.
  • If a ticket is duplicate, accept one copy, close the others as duplicate Go to "resolve as:" and select "duplicate" and then press "Submit Changes".

Accepting Valid Tickets

  • If you wish to fulfill a request, please ensure it from the above section, it is not liable to be discarded.
  • Now "Accept" the ticket from the "Action" field at the bottom, and press the "Submit Changes" button.
  • When You ship the request, please go to the ticket again, go to "resolve as:" from the "Action" field and select "Fixed" and then press "Submit Changes".
  • If an accepted ticket is not finalised by the end of the month, is should be closed with "shipping status unknown" in a comment

Handling of non fulfilled requests

We shall close all the pending requests by the end of the Month.

  • Please Check your region

How to handle membership applications

Steps to become member of Free-media Group.

  1. Create an account in Fedora Account System (FAS)
  2. Create an user page in Fedora Wiki with contact data. Like User:<nick-name>. Here is a template
  3. Apply to Free-Media Group in FAS
  4. Apply to Free-Media mailing list subscription

Rules for deciding over membership applications

Case Applied to Free-Media Group User Page Created Applied to Free-Media List Action
1 Yes Yes Yes Approve Group and mailing list applications
2 Yes Yes No Put on hold + Write to subscribe to list Within a Week
3 Yes No whatever Put on hold + Write to make User Page Within a Week
4 No No Yes Reject


  1. As you need to have an FAS account for steps 2 and 3, this is not included in the decision rules above
  2. The time to be on hold is one week. If not action is taken after one week, the application has to be rejected.
  3. When writing asking to fulfil steps, send CC to other Free-media sponsors to let them know the application has been reviewed.