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Previous Meeting

Fedora globalization meeting with the involvement of l10n, i18n, zanata and fltg groups. You are welcome to join and express if any suggestions.

Time: 0430 UTC

Place: #fedora-meeting on Freenode

Action items

Action items from previous meeting

  • Ani to plan meeting to discuss on Zanata feedback survey.
  • pravins to file ticker against infra for g11n trac instance.
  • pravins to file ticket against council trac for G11N FAD approval.


  • Upcoming schedule
  • [Followup] G11N FAD - proposal Pravin
  • [Followup] Zanata feedback survey - Ani
  • [Followup] L10N sprints based on F23 - Ani
  • [Followup] Translation deadline around Beta - Noriko
  • [Followup] G11N Infrastructure (IRC, Wiki and Ticket etc.) - Pravin
  • [Followup] FLTG revive plan for Fedora 23 - Ani
  • [Followup] UTRRS - Satyabrata