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Who are we and what we do?

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LISA described globalisation as "the global product development cycle, where internationalisation includes the planning and preparation stages for a product and localisation the actual adaptation of the product for a specific market.

But from Fedora point of view G11n is collaboration effort from different operating groups in Fedora. The main focus is to coordinate and support community in #Internationalization (i18n), #Localization (l10n), Zanata and FLTG area to provide effective workflow on Globalisation for Fedora project.

The group members consists of representatives from #Internationalization-i18n, #Localization-l10n, #Zanata and #Fltg. We welcome anyone who are interested as well.

Fedora G11N Committee Proposal

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Get involve

If still doubts?

  • Subscribe to G11N mailing list
  • Introduce yourself in brief and ask your question to
  • Go through FAQ - TBD

Contributing roles

  • Translator
  • Language lead
  • Mentor
  • Developer/Engineer
    • Base OS i18n, Application level i18n, Zanata
  • Quality Assurance
  • Event Manager


Software Globalization is huge domain. Each domain include its peculiarity and jargon's. We have sub-divided each domain as following and more information available in respective wiki pages.


Localization is more suitable for contributors having any regional language knowledge. We localize broadly from software, documentation as well websites into various languages. L10N consists of over 80 languages teams.

For more information, please visit Localization.


Internationalization includes Fonts, Encoding, Locales, CLDR and Input methods. We have number of improvements on the way and its your chance to become part of it.

For more information, please visit Internationalization


Open source translation platform used by Fedora and other projects to translate packages and documents.

For more information on Weblate project, please visit

Language Testing Group

Fedora Language Testing Group [FLTG] is a SIG group of Fedora contributors taking care of language testing in Fedora.

For more information on FLTG visit Wiki.

Meetings IRC

Improvements in Fedora

Top Contributor Board

This list is generated based on active contributors on Bugzilla, mailing list and in meeting.