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FGSCo is the Fedora Globalization Steering Committee. It is a fully community elected body and represents the technical leadership in Fedora.


To drive Fedora globalization by providing governance and community activity support for Internationalization, Localization and Zanata group.


  • To Be decided


  • Coordinating for overall Fedora Globalization direction.
    • Fedora Globalization includes L10N, I18N, QA and Zanata. At Globalization committee level we will make sure all group activities are in sync with each other and in direction with Fedora global objectives.
  • Raising funds & Budget planning.
    • Fedora budget planning happens at Council level and regional budget planning happens at respective Ambassadors group. Like EMEA, LATAM and APAC. Globalization committee will prepare activities plan with subgroups and work with council and Ambassadors group for allocating budget specifically for G11N activities. It can include FAD, L10N sprints and attending and presenting Fedora at G11N specific events.
  • Electing leaders for FGSCo.
    • Working with subgroups to form FGSCo and its structure.
  • Engagement plans with community.
    • Communities like Libreoffice, Mozilla, Gnome and few more are very active at G11N side and Fedora G11N should work with these groups.
  • Event planning in region/country.
    • Work with Ambassadors group and organize events activities specifically for G11N side. One of the recent presentation ""Localization as a stepping stone to Free Software contribution"."
  • Communicating with other groups in Fedora.
    • If particular issues need escalation to other group like FeSco, Council, Infra, Design etc. G11N committee can help to make this communication smooth. Also these groups can use FGSco committee to suggests there ideas and requirements.


6 Members group

  • 2 members from localization
  • 1 members from i18n
  • 1 members from Zanata
  • 1 member from FLTG/QA
  • 1 Dedicated members for G11N

Selection Criteria

Member selection criteria (Draft)

  • Respective groups can nominates some active members from there group to represent there activities and request.
  • G11N lead need to be elected with Fedora election process. Maximum two releases per lead


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  • ....

that's why you call it all "globalization"? on what basis, where the definition?

it is not "globalization", but the coordination and management of the activities with the aim of "global distribution" project fedora. did I understand you correctly?

"globalization" is quite different, with another value and accordingly to achieve by other methods.