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what is the meaning of this project? and why there is still no G10N (galaxyzation)?

References for Fedora Globalization


  • The globalization engineering activities are composed of internationalization and localization while the business development activities focus on product management, financial, marketing and legal aspects. Blogs Adobe
  • LISA described Globalization. Bringing to the market the internationalised and localised product or service.
    • Please note LISA has been shut down in 2011. It does not means its work get obsolete by this. LISA has done significant work from 1990 to 2011.
  • W3C Information. Some people use other terms, such as globalization to refer to the same concept.
    • Please note "Some people", we are not using globalization as given on W3C page in Fedora.
  • From Fedora point of view G11n is collaboration effort from different operating groups in Fedora. The main focus is to coordinate and support community in #Internationalization (i18n), #Localization (l10n), Zanata and FLTG area to provide effective workflow on Globalisation for Fedora project.
    • This has been agreed by members in Globalization group.

strange situation

possible we should decide on the purpose and use of tools?

use the wiki-page to reflect the actual situation and the mailing list used for various discussions? how do you think?

I suggest you start a new thread in the mailing list and publish your references of there, I do have questions, and I believe that it would be better to ask them to discuss everything on the mailing list.

By the way, it might make sense to publish the overlying section "references" as the section is G11N-page? I think it should be done to clarify what G11N team is guided in its activities.

Earlier threads

In case of questions, good to start new thread and take others opinion.