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=== Empathy ===
=== Empathy ===
[[Image:Empathy.png|thumb|200px|Empathy, GNOME IM Client]]
=== Ekiga ===
=== Ekiga ===

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GNOME in Fedora 13 "Goddard"
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GNOME System Monitor, Fedora 13 Beta

The Fedora Project provides a Linux distribution named "Fedora", having scheduled it's 13th Release, Fedora 13 "Goddard", to 18th May 2010. One of the features that Fedora 13 deploys is the long waited GNOME 2.30.0, the Free Software Desktop Project maintained and promoted by the GNOME Foundation and part of the GNU Project.

Fedora 13 introduces to it's users a new set of features and in some cases extended functionality. Some of this features are a part of the GNOME Desktop and provide a more pleasant Linux experience to Fedora and GNOME users. Amongst this features we can highlight GNOME Colour Management and NetworkManager which presents extended features such as: DHCPv6, Bluetooth DUN and Mobile Broadband Status.

Red Hat Inc. is the official sponsor of the Fedora Project, and also sponsors the GNOME Project alongside with other Industry leaders which can be consulted in the GNOME Foundation webpage.

GNOME in Fedora 13

A User's perspective

I use my system to accomplish tasks that most people do daily on their systems. I use my computer for multimedia, communication and develop work. About 5 months ago, I've decided to install Linux and properly place it under testing given my computer usage requirements.

Desktop Environment



Evolution, GNOME E-mail Client


Empathy, GNOME IM Client






Graphics Manipulation

The Gimp


System Tools


GNOME Terminal

GNOME Control Panel

GNOME System Monitor

GPK Application




Personal Review


Many year ago, in my first Linux I installed several desktop to chose from. GNOME did work. Software installations in GNOME got the menus and icons right at that time, and the others desktops did not. I am GNOME user ever since. I kept GNOME because it s simplicity. I need to work, I like a clean environment that enable me to do it.
Neville A. Cross, Fedora Marketing Team

I use GNOME since it's early days and I can say I'm very happy about it. GNOME has provided me a clean and productive Desktop Environment for my needs and a wide group of applications to make my life easier and enjoy a more thrilling experience with Linux. The GNOME Community should be proud on it's achievements as it is one of the most brilliant pieces of Free Open Source Software Engineering.
Nelson Marques, Fedora Marketing Team

A ideal environment is one which stays out of the way and lets me get the work done. GNOME strives to do just that and has made remarkable strikes towards putting the user first instead of technology for the sake of technology. The best thing I can say about GNOME is that I never have to think about it anymore.
Rahul Sundaram, Fedora Developer