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1. Build the package with doc-publican-rpm - you will need the tar and spec files so keep track of them

2. Do a koji scratch build of the SRPM for both the next release and rawhide to ensure a clean build

 pushd ~/rpmbuild/SRPMS
 koji build --scratch dist-rawhide fedora-release-notes-x.y.z.fc13.src.rpm
 koji build --scratch dist-f14 fedora-release-notes-x.y.z.fc13.src.rpm

3. Check the release notes out of the release git repo

fedpkg co fedora-release-notes

4. Change into the local repo folder

cd fedora-release-notes

5. Switch to the branch for the next release

fedpkg switch-branch f14

6. Post the d-p-r produced tar to the repo

fedpkg new-sources somewhere/fedora-release-notes-x.y.z.tar.gz

7. Copy the spec file into the local repo copy

cp somewhere/fedora-release-notes.spec .

8. Add the changed spec file to the commit (fedpkg already added the tar)

git add fedora-release-notes.spec

9. Commit the tar and specfile

git commit -m "yada yada yada"

10. Push the changes up to fp.o

 git push

11. Build the package from the repo

 fedpkg build

12. Repeat steps 5-11 for rawhide

13. Watch the progress of the builds on Koji ( When complete, log on to Bodhi and request stable.

14. Recruit your friends and neighbors to give the document karma (