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Host and Platform is a set of modules or module stacks defining the base operating system, effectively replacing Fedora 26 Boltron Base Runtime module & concept.

The new modules target modular Fedora releases, starting with version 27.


The end goal is to provide the base operating system content in a way that allows for hardware enablement and general userspace separation, enabling different update cadence and life cycles for each of the two parts. The concept is defined by the following set of objectives and expectations:

  • Host and Platform should be built and composed as modules, benefiting from all the pipeline enhancements Factory 2.0 provides and will be distributed with useful module metadata
  • The Host part should deliver hardware enablement components such as the kernel, bootloaders, firmware, additional device drivers and components closely linked to these
  • The Platform part defines the operating system release and includes various base userspace components ranging from the C library and init system to system management & deployment tools, container runtime and possibly several services commonly considered to be part of the base system experience
  • The Host and Platform modules should be independent, making it possible to run the same Host with different Platforms and vice versa
  • Each of the two modules has its own life cycle, update cadence and versioning scheme
  • The Host can only be experienced through the Platform
  • The Platform part will provide all the content needed to produce container base images; the Platform can therefore run without the Host when inside a container
  • Both modules will be built in a shared, self-hosting buildroot (also known as the Bootstrap module) providing all the build time dependencies needed to build the Host and Platform as well as itself
  • While independent on the source level, given the shared build environment the modules' binaries will be tightly coupled and the Host part will therefore need to be built for every supported Platform it's intended to be distributed with
  • The Platform module with provide the minimal build environment for application level modules -- this means that modules built against a certain version of Platform will be built using the Platform compiler; this doesn't affect what additional compilers are available to the end users, for example via application level modules

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