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A project closely linked to the Modularity Initiative, BaseRuntime is about the defining the common shared package and feature set of the operating system, providing both the hardware enablement layer and the minimal application runtime environment other modules can build upon. Besides the BaseRuntime module itself, the project also focuses on delivery of additional low-level modular content, such as distribution management and configuration utilities, basic system services or infrastructure build environments.

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With the Modularity infrastructure gradually becoming available, it is time to focus on the modular content as well. The goal of the BaseRuntime project is to define the minimal shared core of the operating system that would light up the hardware (where applicable) and provide runtime environment for other, more complex and feature-rich modules. The idea is to deliver this functionality as a set of modules or a module stack.

Besides the BaseRuntime module itself, the team is responsible for a number of additional low level modules that define the platform, such as software management and configuration tools or buildroots.


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Summary of Work

The team's currently working on the first prototype of the BaseRuntime module, creating a self-hosted module that would later be minimized and split into multiple pieces as necessary.

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See Modularity WG.

Get in touch with us on the devel mailing list and our IRC channel, #fedora-modularity.