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[[Category: Bugs]]
[[Category: Bugs]]

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[edit] I18N Bug Reporting Guidelines

Following are additional guidelines for i18n bugs to bug reporting guidelines given at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki

1) Summary should specify language tagging like [hi_IN] . If bug is to be reported against more than one language then tag it like [ab_CD, ef_GH] .

2) Summary should not contain words like "two combinations or three combinations". It should be specific like mentioning syllable name or hex unicode like "incorrect rendering with combinations of ka and va"

3) Description should be specific which includes detailed information on unicode values and sequence of characters in unicodes also for rendering problems.

4) Description should also include screen shots for rendering problems both correct and incorrect.

5) Add keyword "i18n" and CC member "i18n-bugs@lists.fedoraproject.org"