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| '''Language'''    || '''Orthography'''
| '''Language'''    || '''Orthography'''

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Language Orthography
af af
am am
ar ar
as as
ast ast
be be
bg bg
bn bn
bo bo
br br
bs bs
ca ca
cs cs
cy cy
da da
de de
dz dz
el el
en en
en_GB en
eo eo
es es
et et
eu eu
fa fa
fi fi
fr fr
ga ga
gl gl
gu gu
he he
hi hi
hr hr
hu hu
ia ia
id id
is is
it it
ja ja
ka ka
kk kk
km km
kn kn
ko ko
ku ku
lt lt
lv lv
mai mai
mk mk
ml ml
mr mr
ms ms
my my
nb nb
ne ne
nl nl
nn nn
nr nr
nso nso
or or
pa pa
pl pl
pt_BR pt
pt pt
ro ro
ru ru
si si
sk sk
sl sl
sq sq
sr sr
ss ss
sv sv
ta ta
te te
th th
tn tn
tr tr
ts ts
uk uk
ur ur
ve ve
vi vi
xh xh
yi yi
zh_CN zh-cn
zh_TW zh-tw
zu zu