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Fedora Project Hosting

Fedora Project Hosting aims to provide self service project hosting for our userbase, hopefully tied into our single signon system.

Goals of the Project Hosting

These are some general goals that have bubbled up from various meetings/discussions.

  • Support for multiple SCMs (hg, git, svn, cvs, bzr, etc...)
  • Very low barrier of entry to start a new project space
  • Webspace (wiki only ok?)
  • Issue tracking (is bz OK?)
  • Activity monitoring
  • Mailing list support
  • Access to translations for software that needs it (mmm, lurking horrr)

Potential Software (Trac)

Trac provides much of what we need. It has a wiki component, using the same markup as Moin, activity tracking complete with rss, milestone management that integrates with the ticket system, browsable view of source control, a built in search, and a web admin panel. It uses auth through apache so it has high potential to integrate with our current and future account systems. Its also python, which some people will enjoy.

Whats missing:

  • A web app to create new project spaces
  • A way to create mailing lists - Just use mailman?
  • Raw webspace for project releases **
    • This is a blocker for what we want [ -- notting ]

Proof of Concepts is the start of a proof of concept using Trac to manage projects. There is a single trac install that thus far only manages pungi, but more projects could be coming online. For authentication it makes calls to the user DB that has the Fedora accounts. Repository setup information can be found at Infrastructure/ProjectHosting/RepositorySetup.

Things to do:

  • Get some sort of logging working
  • Get a web form or script created for creating projects
  • Attempt selinux?

Work Needed

  • Get Board input on direction of project (JesseKeating)