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Creating a new Fedora Hosted Project

This page is for administrators only. People wishing to request a hosted project should use the Ticketing System ; see RequestingNewProject (Requires Fedora Account)
The information below is outdated! For current information on this task see Hosted SOP
  1. Create source group in Fedora Account System (<scm>project should be the group name)
  2. Create source repo
  3. Log into hosted1
  4. Create new project space via
    $ /usr/local/bin/ <project name> <project admin>
  5. Answer most questions with defaults except source control. /srv/<scm>/<project> is where the source is
  6. Edit sudo -u apache vim /srv/web/trac/${PROJECTNAME}/conf/trac.ini add base_url =${PROJECTNAME}/ under the [trac] section