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On the app servers, we're writing and running mostly TurboGears1 (TG1) applications:


  • TG1 => Turbogears1, SQLAlchemy and genshi/mako
  • Old TG1 => TurboGears1, SQLObject and kid
  • TG2 => TurboGears2
  • Pyramid => Curent successor to TG2 but a break from the current TG1 style; may have a new layer built on top of it at a later date that is more TG-ish.
  • Flask => Easy to get started with and wrap your head around. Great for small projects. Not a huge stack of deps.

Code we develop and deploy

bodhiapp*old TG1has a pyramid branch
bodhireleng*old TG1has a pyramid branch
busmon?TG2/mokshaNot yet deployed.
copr(2)?flask Not yet deployed. Loosely, "buildsys for fedorapeople repos"
datagrepper?flask?Not yet deployed.
dataviewer?flask?Not yet deployed.
elections app* TG1 has a TG2 branch
fas fas* TG1
fedorabadges  ? pyramid Not yet deployed
fedoracommunity app07? TG2/moksha Only runs on RHEL5. We're retiring this pending on datanommer being deployed or we get tired of keeping app07. (Is the version of moksha here old as well?)
fedorahosted-reg openshift? flaskNot yet deployed
freemedia app*phpIn Puppet. Looks like it would be very simple to port to something lightweight like Flask if we wanted to get away from PHP.
fudcon-reg openshift flask registration application for fudcon. Not currently configured in puppet, load balanced, etc.
koji koji* custom was mod_python. plans to move to mod_wsgi. (Current status?)
mirrorlist-server app* custom lightweight, mod_wsgi process. No framework
mirrormanager app* old TG1 has an older TG2 branch
packagedb app* TG1
packages packages* TG2/moksha
pager app*, noc* custom (CGI)
raffle app* TG2 Disposable -- no promises to keep maintaining have been made
smolt value* TG1 We're planning to get rid of this in favor of census on openshift (Are we still running the process on app* even though it isn't actively serving pages?)
tagger packages* TG2

We deploy but do not code for

I'm not sure the level of coding we do on this. (Does it belong in the previous section?)
askbotask*djangoUses openid login
dpsearchsearch01-devPerl CGI (C backend)Not yet deployed, in testing.
cgi? thinking of replacing with cgit
hg? hosted* cgi?
loggerhead hosted* mod_wsgi
mailman web iface hosted*, collab*, ?Python+CGI ???Mailman web frontend for lists.fp.o and lists.fh.o
mediawiki app* phpmain wiki & smolt wiki
reviewboard hosted* django we've talked about moving this to openshift or app servers
trac hosted* mod_wsgi genshi templates

Deployed but only of sysadmin interest

  • collectd
  • nagios
  • awstats

Things that generate static pages, or are otherwise uncategorized, but should maybe be noted

  • torrents web iface
  • fp.o/easyfix
  • haproxy web iface
  • epylog
  • PackageReviewStatus