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Joining the Fedora Documentation Project

The DocsProject adheres to the same standards as the rest of the Fedora Project, which means there is a certain amount of formal process. Don't let this put you off, however. Whatever your goals or skill level, you are more than welcome on the list or in any of our other forums.

How You Can Help

There are plenty of ways you can help:

  • Joining the authors already working on our current documents in progress
  • Writing new documents
  • Volunteering to edit draft documents
  • Providing feedback on current documents: final, draft or otherwise

Still undecided about whether to join? Read Why you should join the Docs Project!

Signing Up

Use The List
If you have any problems with the following steps, post a question to the list . The members are happy to help you with any problems you might have, and you will likely get an answer in just a few minutes or hours.

To get started make sure you've complete these steps:

To read the whole checklist of steps at once, visit the checklist .

Familiarize Yourself

To maintain a consistent style across all the docs, all contributors follow certain guidelines in our writings. The Docs Project also has work flows which help avoid clashing when working on docs together. Take some time to familiarize yourself with these practices before committing any changes, to make collaboration easy:

These are the important guidelines that will help you get started quickly. For a comprehensive collection of links relating to the DocsProject methods visit DocsProject/CompleteReference .