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What the Docs Project does

The mission of Fedora's Documentation Project is to improve the overall experience of Fedora users and contributors by providing documentation. We explain how to use certain software and systems, provide written accounts of special events (like releases), and recommend settings for software and systems (in terms of security, performance, and other concerns). In pursuing this work, the Docs Project creates and uses only free and open-source software, content, tools, and processes, so our documentation is reusable, modifiable, and rebuildable by anyone, for free, forever.

Do you want to join the Docs Project?

I don't know...


  • Things to do first
  • Things to do (in no particular order)
    • Join list and introduce yourself
      • This is the primary forum used for discussions within the Docs Project. We use it for everything, from developing new ideas to refining old ones. By subscribing to this list you're sure to stay current on the events within the Docs Project!
    • FAS and CLA/FPCA
      • FAS is the accounts management system within Fedora. It manages access to the wiki as well as other systems. When you sign-up for your FAS account you will be asked to accept the Contributor License Agreement.
    • Come to meeting
      • Meetings are where decisions are made and where you can find out about the projects that are in development.
  • What next?

Pick something and start writing.


Sorry you didn't find any tasks of interest here... if you are still interested in contributing to Fedora check out our join page.