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This page explains the Docs team mission statement, what the team does, and the ways that contributors help.

Our mission

The mission of Fedora's Documentation Project is to improve the overall experience of Fedora users and contributors by providing documentation. We explain how to use certain software and systems, provide written accounts of special events (like releases), and recommend settings for software and systems (in terms of security, performance, and other concerns). In pursuing this work, the Docs Project creates and uses only free and open-source software, content, tools, and processes, so our documentation is reusable, modifiable, and rebuildable by anyone, for free, forever.

What we do

We document the Fedora operating system.
We concentrate on the default offering, but we document many different aspects of the Fedora distribution.
We document project processes.
These processes include various how-to guides, such as how to translate software and documentation.
We cultivate domain-specific uses of Fedora.
Artists, doctors, musicians, engineers — they all have interesting ways to use free and open source software. We provide a place for them to develop docs that are specific to the things that interest them.

How you can help

I am interested in helping! How do I get started?