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The Fedora Documentation Project holds weekly IRC meetings. All members of the Fedora Project are welcome to participate.

Information about past meetings can be found on the Category:Docs Project meetings page.

Meeting Details

The Docs Project meets in channel #fedora-meeting[?] on . All members of the community are welcome to attend and participate in our meetings.

For more information and to discuss any of the agenda items, be sure to click on the links to read the threads on the docs list.

A meeting reminder should be sent at the beginning of the meeting day.

Agenda for Next Meeting

This is the agenda for the next meeting for Docs Project. Please write down your topic suggestions so that we have an idea on what will be discussed in the meeting. Pointers to emails which expand on the idea are always welcome!

Standing Agenda

Before you change the agenda...
To keep the meeting schedule under control and to promote openness, please bring any proposed agenda item to the docs mailing list for discussion before adding it to the agenda.
  • #startmeeting fedora-docs
  • #topic Roll Call
    • #info Participants are reminded to make liberal use of #info #link #help in order to make the minutes "more better"
  • #topic New Writers
  • #topic Follow up on last week's action items (10 minutes )
  • #topic Where are with the Release Cycle and Docs?
    • #info Release Notes Beats and approved changes from last week
  • #topic Specific Doc Status
  • #topic Outstanding BZ Tickets (5 minutes)
  • #topic Open floor discussion (5 minutes)
  • #endmeeting

Task table

This table may be transcluded in other locations, but originates at Docs_Project_admin_tasks_for_experienced_contributors#Task_table.

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