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These are the Talking Points for Fedora 13 KDE Desktop Edition. They are currently under construction. For information on how we are making these talking points, see Talking Points SOP. In this case, the feature page is not the Fedora Features, but Upstream KDE's Feature list .

Not everything listed here right now will end up as a talking point.
The list below covers all the KDE 4.4 features; we will be looking at the features that have comments on why they should become talking points, and choosing the final small selection of talking points from that, then cleaning up this page.
Spins category
There will also be a special "Spins" section that will advertise the new spins available for this Fedora release. Right now this includes the Moblin(tm) edition, Sugar on a Stick, the Design Suite, and the Security Lab.
Feature category Why should this be a talking point?
Anaconda Storage Filtering