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Please add yourself here if you run a local version of Koji. Please also describe what you are you using it for.

# Project Site Name Used for
0 Grid and HPC Operations Center of A.U.Th Not-Public Building packages for local fabric needs. Maintenance of RPM repositories.

Monitoring, messaging and information system software for LCG.

1 pc V Pharmacy Not-public Compiling proprietary software across Fedora and RHEL. Both the software and any dependencies that are not available in Fedora and/or RHEL that may also be proprietary.
2 CERN Monitoring/Messaging software for LCG, we make every effort to add to EPEL instead when sensible.
3 the hub is not public yet
4 Ergo Project Koji Web Interface Fast-Track repositories for Enterprise Linux and Fedora, FTBFS, Blog posts on Koji
5 NetNix Estonia OÜ Internal Packaging commercial and in-house software for RHEL/CentOS/Fedora support. Multiple instances installed, locally and customer sites.
6 Kolab Systems AG Not Public (yet) Packaging for ISV products