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Please add yourself here if you run a local version of Koji. Please also describe what you are using it for.

# Project Site Name Used for
0 Grid and HPC Operations Center of A.U.Th Not-Public Building packages for local fabric needs. Maintenance of RPM repositories.

Monitoring, messaging and information system software for LCG.

1 pc V Pharmacy Not-public Compiling proprietary software across Fedora and RHEL. Both the software and any dependencies that are not available in Fedora and/or RHEL that may also be proprietary.
2 CERN Not Public Building packages for CERN's software and OS repositories
3 the hub is not public yet
4 Ergo Project Koji Web Interface Fast-Track repositories for Enterprise Linux and Fedora, FTBFS, Blog posts on Koji
5 NetNix Estonia OÜ Internal Packaging commercial and in-house software for RHEL/CentOS/Fedora support. Multiple instances installed, locally and customer sites.
6 Kolab Systems AG Not Public (yet) Packaging for ISV products
7 Lebanon Evangelical School for Boys and Girls Used to provide configuration RPMS for our three schools
8 Messinet Secure Services Building and packaging to support local infrastructure as well as incorporate software not packaged at Fedora or RPMFusion. Most packaged software is available to all. See Messinet Secure Services Fedora RPM Repository for details.
9 ACOSS France Not-public Building and packaging on top of RHEL and CentOS 6 for newer software version.
10 Virtual Bridges, Inc. Not-public Building VERDE LEAF virtualization platform/distribution.
11 Caltech multi-university CERN-based project
12 Spacewalk building Spacewalk for RHEL 5, 6, and Fedora 14, 15
13 National Nanotechnology Network Grid GridNNN middleware
14 TomTom non-public used to build rpms that aren't available in the RHEL repos or EPEL
15 Amazon non-public used to build RPMS for the Amazon Linux AMI
16 Open Science Grid Used to build RPMs for the Open Science Grid software project. Software built here is deployed across 100+ universities and labs across the U.S.
17 RussianFedora Building add-on packages for the RFRemix.
18 Scientific Linux Not-public (yet) Building Scientific Linux.
19 Katello Building packages for Katello project
20 NIWA non-public Building packages for climate and forecasting project
21 Xenith Consulting Limited Not-Public Banking, Telecommunications and Embedded Systems
22 Abril Comunicações non-public Media / Entertainment Company. Building RPM packages for the Digital products
23 The FireServer Project Building packages for FireServer Project
24 Seneca Centre for Development of Open Technology (info at Pidora (Fedora Remix for Raspberry Pi) and some other projects.
25 OpenVZ/Virtuozzo Building OpenVZ packages
26 Cloud Linux Building Cloud Linux packages
27 XCP-ng Building XCP-ng
28 Ultramarine Linux Building Ultramarine Linux