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The Fedora Localization Project - Brazilian Portuguese Translators Team

Most of the content made for Fedora is originally produced in english, this includes the installer distribution and their configuration tools. These elements are translated with the purpose of providing greater accessibility to other languages.

Knowing the team



Translators Team

Felipe van Schaik Willig
Filipe Rosset
Jonatas Z. de Vasconcellos
Juranir dos Santos
Lucas Landim Pinheiro
Ramilton Costa Gomes Júnior
Willian Mayan

Team page at Transifex: [1]

Mailing List

Our list is the primary means of communication from the team, Subscribe to stay on top of our activities, come join our team:

Mailing list for Fedora translation team for Portuguese of Brazil


Every release of Fedora we deliver several projects translated, the aim of the reports is to give visibility to our work:


How to participate in the translation?

The best way to participate is by reading our main guide. In this guide you will find a wide variety of information, since the process of accession to our team until getting started his first translations:

L10N Guide

Resources Available

Our team has a number of resources for internal and external use. They will help you in the process of translation. The list follows(in pt-br):