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Lucas Landim Pinheiro
Lucas Landim Pinheiro
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Home: Barueri, São Paulo Brazil
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FAS name: landim
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Private email: landim[at]f*****
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About me

I am Lucas Landim, born on 18th of September. I am just a regular guy who enjoys to share and learn with everybody. I live in São Paulo, Brazil. I am a curious person, with a passion for learning new stuff!


I began contributing to the Linux world as just a curious student and then my curiosity ended up to be my passion and my work. My story began in 2008 as a with RHEL linux, Ubuntu, Debian and Open SUsE. Supporting free software and helping developing the Meucci! Meucci is a free IPBX distribution based in Open SUsE. Furthermore I assisted the coding of scripts that aimed make it easier to the users when installing some boards in elastix(IPBX based in Centos) and Meucci (IPBX Based in OpenSUsE). I really enjoy joining parallel projects to help the community. One of them is Vero, a orthographic corrector in Brazil for LibreOffice (Open Office).


Nowadays I work at Telefonica with Unix based systems like HP-UX, AIX, Solaris and Red Hat Linux.

Past, Current and Future Projects!

- Developing meucci BE PABX IP based on OpenSuSE ( - Developing several scripts to the community that helped the compatibility of Digivoice boards on Debian/Ubuntu/OpenSuSE/CentOS as PABX IP with Elastix. - Proud to help a lot of people on brazilian forums and Asterisk listings. - Lecturer about Asterisk and IP based PABX. - Contributor on VERO ( - Developing scripts to Open SuSE, fixing bugs on NO-IP installer.


  • Cisco CCNA
  • CompTIA Linux+
  • Next Generation Center Intel
  • DBC
  • LPI
  • SuSE CLA
  • RHCE
  • Looking forward to achieve some more!