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L10N Glossary Plan

2016-05-04 Experimental Introduction Proposed
Testing Phase
2016-05-09 Testing Glossary Imported (2238 entries)
2016-05-12 Tester 'glossarist's added

Testing Phase

Tester 'glossarist'

Username Language
'tiansworld' Chinese (China)
'lonemadmax' Spanish
'Jibec' French

Conditions to appoint 'glossarist' role

Blocker for permanent deployment

Feature Request

  • Search improvements from the editor. For example, "Disks" doesn't find "Disk", and "<b>RAID</b>" doesn't find "RAID".
  • In the info dialog accessed from the editor, there's a "Entries" dropdown field that seems to be useless. If that's the case, it should be removed.
  • Also in that dialog, maybe the Save button should save changes and dismiss the dialog.
  • Should the part-of-speech field be changed to a (maybe editable) selection list? Right now you can find both "Noun" and "noun" in the entries.
  • Editing (and reading) a long description directly in the Glossary page can be a bit difficult in that smallish text field. Having a textbox would show less entries per page, though.

Other Issues

  • The "user menu" clashes with the "Import Glossary" and "New Term" items. See Media:Zanata-glossary-menu-issue.png.
  • The text cursor in the language field is not aligned. See Media:Zanata-glossary-langsel-issue.png.
  • When in the glossary page the browser's CPU usage goes through the roof. I don't know whether that's the browser or the page, though. For some reason, top says ~70% when no language is selected and 100+% when there is one. If the glossary page is in a background tab, CPU usage is normal. Firefox 46.0.1 from Fedora's firefox-46.0.1-1.fc22.x86_64.
  • Docs » Glossary » Add a term says glossary-admin role is needed to add a term. Docs » Glossary » Roles and Permissions says nothing about adding a term. Being just glossarist, I do have the option, the dialog pops up and I can fill the fields. I hace not tried saving, though.

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