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L10N Glossary Plan

2016-05-04 Experimental Introduction Proposed
Testing Phase
2016-05-09 Testing Glossary Imported (2238 entries)
2016-05-12 Tester 'glossarist's added

Testing Phase

Where to find the glossary?

In 'editor' screen on, you will be able to see your language glossary bottom right hand side. It should look like this.

Tester 'glossarist'

Username Language
'tiansworld' Chinese (China)
'lonemadmax' Spanish
'Jibec' French
'jfenal' French

Conditions to appoint 'glossarist' role

  • Use existing right management (aka coordinator grant a glossarist role)

Blocker for permanent deployment

Feature Request

  • Search improvements from the editor. For example, "Disks" doesn't find "Disk", and "<b>RAID</b>" doesn't find "RAID".
  • In the info dialog accessed from the editor, there's a "Entries" dropdown field that seems to be useless. If that's the case, it should be removed.
  • Also in that dialog, maybe the Save button should save changes and dismiss the dialog.
  • Should the part-of-speech field be changed to a (maybe editable) selection list? Right now you can find both "Noun" and "noun" in the entries.
  • Editing (and reading) a long description directly in the Glossary page can be a bit difficult in that smallish text field. Having a textbox would show less entries per page, though.
  • In the Glossary page, make it easy to find terms without transalation when a language is selected.
  • Maybe allow the translator role to translate terms for the languages they are part of, with no need to have glossarist role?

Other Issues

  • The "user menu" clashes with the "Import Glossary" and "New Term" items. See Media:Zanata-glossary-menu-issue.png.
  • The text cursor in the language field is not aligned. See Media:Zanata-glossary-langsel-issue.png.
  • When in the glossary page the browser's CPU usage goes through the roof. I don't know whether that's the browser or the page, though. For some reason, top says ~70% when no language is selected and 100+% when there is one. If the glossary page is in a background tab, CPU usage is normal. Firefox 46.0.1 from Fedora's firefox-46.0.1-1.fc22.x86_64.
  • Docs » Glossary » Add a term says glossary-admin role is needed to add a term. Docs » Glossary » Roles and Permissions says nothing about adding a term. Being just glossarist, I do have the option, the dialog pops up and I can fill the fields. I hace not tried saving, though.

How it will be helpful?

  • The descriptions may help when a translator is not proficient in a knowledge area.
  • Having the translation of common terms on sight enhances consistency and reduces confusion among users.