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 This page is under development and gets updated manually in various delay.


We could base on the kickstart file and the applications choice from former QtDesktop approach of a possible LiveCD.

Package management

  • Muon
  • maybe get rid of PackageKit? :->

Text Editor

  • Enki - Review
    • Python3, Qt5
    • based on component Qutepart - Review
  • Eric, already packaged
    • Python3, Qt5
    • Jupyter Qt Console (aka qtconsole) is an optional feature to install additionally
  command: dnf install python3-qtconsole
  run with /usr/bin/jupyter-qtconsole


  • QtParted
    • retired, dead upstream (as of 2015-06-10)
    • not feature complete currently
    • inactive since 2012
  • try the fork QParted (notice the one missing character in different naming)
Is a partition editor really a basic part of a graphical desktop environment? Besides the need to work with partitions during the installation, 
it is actually not needed. I would discourage everybody to change partitions while the system is running, and this wouldn't work anyway on all partitions.
The better way is to boot a live medium. Then it doesn't matter whether a Qt or GTK or whatever based partition editor is used.

Web Browser (oh well!)

  • 0. Falkon (new name of former Qupzilla project)
  • 1. Qupzilla 2 (with QtWebEngine)


  • 2. Dillo - but it's based on FLTK what we want?
  • 3. Konqueror - conflicts with PCManFM-Qt as the (default) file manager, see below [1]
  • 4. Firefox - too much overload propably…
  • 5. Arora (Google) - dead upstream
  • 5a. Rekonq - maintainer of Arora suggests as a comparable replacement.

Take also a look into Crusta - not packaged yet

Multimedia & Office

  • qmplay2 Media Player
    • not yet packaged
  • mbmp Media Player
    • not yet packaged
  • QMMP
    • seems to be feature complete and packaged actively
  • Yarok music player
    • needs unretire
  • krop PDF tool
    • still Qt4 cause of dependency python-poppler-qt4
    • still Python2, see bug

File Browser (optional alternative to PCManFM)

  • TuxCommander (based on PyQt4)
  • Double Commander (Qt) - Review
    • based on qt4pas, dead
  • Konqueror


  • QGit
  • Git-Cola (PyQt4)
    • some other strange dependencies to e.g. gstreamer etc.

Messaging / human interaction

Instant messaging

  • qutIM
    • not yet packaged
  • Psi / Psi+
    • actively maintained by upstream itself


  • KCalc, since version 15 with Qt5 support (as in Fedora 22)
  • Abakus - still qt4, package is orphaned
  • xvkbd Virtual (graphical) keyboard
  • Boomaga (virtual printer)

Login/display/session/window managers

  • LightDM greeter: Replace lightdm-gtk with lightdm-razorqt
  • SDDM (simple desktop display manager)
  • qtile (python based tiling window manager) - Feature of F22

Security / Encryption

  • zuluCrypt
  • SiriKali

Misc. configuration