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Spin Name

QtDesktop Spin


QtDesktop is a lightwight qt based application set. It is based on Razor-qt desktop toolbox and Qt4-based applications.


  • Name: Eugene Pivnev
  • email:

Detailed Description

It contains a login manager, the Razor-qt desktop environment with Openbox as windowmanager, and a set of useful Qt based applications, like a filemanager, an image-viewer, a multimeda player as well as other useful tools that make the daily desktop usage more comfortable.

Applications of Choice

  • Clementine audio player
  • GoldenDict dictionary
  • JuffEd plain text editor
  • Nomacs image viewer
  • PCManFM-Qt file manager
  • QasMixer audio mixer
  • qBittorrent torrent client
  • Qlipper clipboard manager
  • QPdfView PDF/PS viewer
  • QTerminal terminal
  • Qtparted partition editor
  • Quite-RSS RSS/Atom aggregator
  • QupZilla web browser
  • QutIm instant messenger
  • QXkb keyboard layout switcher
  • ScreenGrab screen grabber
  • SpeedCrunch calculator
  • Razor-qt desktop toolbox

Also SMplayer and VLC video players available in rpmfusion repositories.

See for full application list

Benefit to Fedora

QtDesktop is the first lightweight pure Qt based desktop environment. It contains applications that exist as for Linux as for other OS's. Therefore it can provide familiar environment for former Windows/MacOS users. It works great on modern machines as well as on weaker hardware.

Kickstart File

ISO Name / FS Label

  • ISO Name: Fedora-%{ver}-%{arch}-QtDesktop
  • FS Label: Fedora-%{ver}-%{arch}-QtDesktop-Live


Usefull Qt-based applications that are not exist yet:

  • Archiver
  • Mail client (candidate - Trojita)
  • CD/DVD burning
  • Raster image editor
  • Password storage (like kwallet)
  • Auth frontend (like usermode-gtk, kdesu)
  • Sane frontend
  • Network manager
  • Printer manager
  • User manager
  • Package manager

Scope / Testing

This is a desktop/live cd and should boot right into QtDesktop off a CD.

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Familiar environment everywhere.

Spin description

Fedora QtDesktop Spin brings together usefull Qt-based applications on top of Razor-qt desktop toolbox.



Download tab

Support tab

Mail or XMPP (same address).

Custom branding

TBD (candidates - Qt logo, Razor-qt logo, green color).

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