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  • Latinoware is one of the biggest events in Latin America. The event is held in Foz do Iguaçu, a Brazilian city located in a region called the Triple Border, near Argentina and Paraguay.


  • October 15-17, 2014


  • Parque Tecnológico Itaipu (PTI)
  • Usina Hidrelétrica de ITAIPU Binacional
  • Av. Tancredo Neves, 6731
  • Foz do Iguaçu – Paraná – Brasil

Organization Team

Daniel Lara
Ramilton Costa Gomes Júnior
Itamar Reis Peixoto


Name City Arrival Departure Hotel Need travel subsidy? T-Shirt size
Daniel Lara Porto alegre, Brazil Oct 15rd Oct 18th No No XL
Marcelo Barbosa Porto alegre, Brazil Oct 15rd Oct 18th Yes Yes XL
Ramilton Costa Gomes Júnior Ilheus, Brazil Oct 15rd Oct 18th No No M
João Lenno do Nascimento Azevedo Rio Branco, Brazil Oct 15rd Oct 18th Yes Yes M
Davi Tenorio de Souza São Paulo,Brasil oct 15rd oct 18th Yes Yes M
Wolnei Tomazelli Junior Jaragua do Sul, Brazil Oct 14rd Oct 18th Yes Yes L
Eduardo Lucas Sena São Mateus, Brazil Oct 15rd Oct 18th Yes No XL
Daniel Bruno Manaus, Brazil Oct 14rd Oct 18th No No L
Eduardo Echeverria Valencia Venezuela Oct 13rd Oct 18th No No XL

Fedora Activities at Latinoware

Fedora will have a booth at the event to publicize the Fedora Project, presentation of small workshops, and encourage the use of Fedora

Proposed Activities

All Fedora contributors going to LatinoWare are encouraged to submit talks or propose any other activity at the conference

Activity Proponent(s) Details
ARM on Fedora Marcelo Barbosa
Deploy Apps Python & MongoDB on OpenShift Marcelo Barbosa
Fedora Cloud & Big Data Daniel Bruno
Fedora + Bacula Daniel Lara
Digital Inclusion in the low income population using Fedora Eduardo L. Sena
How to dockerize your distributed applications. Eduardo Echeverria The goal of this talk it is help developers and sysadmins port applications, without problems of dependencies and capable to run across many system and configurations.
How to structure large applications with Flask microframework Eduardo Echeverria Flask it is a microframework for the web developer. Micro in this aspect, means that it is agnostic to pre-fabricated solutions or patterns. Developing large applications in Flask needs working with Blueprints and application factories. So, in this talk I will explain how to develop the structure of a large application using this common Flask patterns
RPM Workshop Packaging Eduardo Echeverria In this workshop I will explain how is the process of add a package to the Fedora package collection:
  • Make a rpm
  • Guidelines for packaging
  • Review process
  • Add package to the SCM (Source Code Management)

Also, I'm available in this workshop for sponsor new contributors in this area of Fedora contribution

Final date for registration of presentations: 29.08.2014


The project approved a budget of XXXX USD for Latinoware, which will be used to fund travel expenses for the volunteers visiting the conference and requests must be done through |LATAM ticket tracker.

Description Cost in BRL Cost in USD People Sponsored
Airfare subsidy Todo Todo
Lodging subsidy Todo Todo