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Davi Tenorio de Souza
Davi Tenorio de Souza
Personal Information
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Home: São Paulo - SP SP.png Brazil.png
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: Kausdev
Miscellaneous Information
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GPG-Key: 6A199CA6
IRC: kausdev on in
#fedora-latam #fedora-br #fedora-l10n
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About Me

Davi Souza - (Kausdev) was born in São Paulo , My first contact was technology in the late 90s, when I started with electronics and telecommunications(Radio Frequency), and am now a scholar at the bachelor's degree in information systems, and also contributed actively with Free Software and I am dedicating myself in various activities related Fedora Project in Brazil. Spin Eletronic Labs , Openshift ,Docker Community , Sponsor PapodeSysadmin (devops-Sp) - DEVOPS - Projects infra cloud governe in Sao Paulo Certified MPA (master packets analisy) AWS - CLoud Server Sro- Linux

Projects and Groups

Activity report

A maintain a activity report day where I try to list all initiatives I am currently involved at Fedora. Currently I am a volunteer in Fedora Ambassador Project, and contribute promoting the project in Sao Paulo, Brazil A maintain a activity report eventwhere i tray to descrypt actividades involved Fedora Project .

Contact information

Besides the Fedora Project email address, I can be found at Google+, Linkedin and Github. Wordpress. new 2017 blog Blog LinuxJedi Blog papodesysadmin